Pay-by-Mobile Using Only Your Voice

Pay-by-Mobile Using Only Your Voice


Although it sounds like something that Ian Fleming would have invented for Q to give to 007, Voice Pay is something actual and real and will soon be spied in the wild.

Voice Pay is a pay-by-mobile system that can verify your identity using biometric voice analysis. Since, theoretically, no two voices are the same, the idea would seem to be a solid alternative to online credit card payments. In fact, the company is personally guaranteeing the safety and security of all payments.

You can sign up for Voice Pay by creating a username and password and then speaking a series of random numbers into your cell phone, the number of which you also need to give. (This overcomes the problem of cell phone theft by disallowing any payments from that payment that your voice doesn’t authenticate.)

The developers say that you can even buy online using Voice Pay, for which the company will dial your mobile for authentication.

The biometric identification system has been developed by the Irish company Voice Vault and performs its digital magic by analyzing 117 parameters of your voice, filtering out any other noises.