At Least 16 Things Have Changed in the iPhone UI

At Least 16 Things Have Changed in the iPhone UI


Ladies and gentlemen, the Jesus phone is upon us. The launch of the iPhone is only a couple weeks away, but did you know that it has undergone significant changes since it was first announced so long ago? The physical form factor and the multi-touch display remain intact, but there have been several alterations to the user interface that some may consider noteworthy. Other differences, well, might not be quite as interesting.

Let’s have a look at the 16 differences (and not the 99 problems):

1. Bluetooth icon shifted to top right
2. Time font is less bold
3. Home icons have changed order
4. Web home button changed to Safari button
5. In iPod mode the icons and order have changed, and Podcasts added
6. The incoming call screen includes Wi-Fi status
7. Photos screen changed from glossy grey to glossy dark blue (possibly different color schemes available)
8. Includes number of picture in album next to name
9. Photo album screen does not include number of photos at the top
10. Mail screen’s top right button changed from “vertical or horizontal view” button to edit button
11. Mail screen shows first sentence(s) of message
12. Bottom bar of mail screen includes the time mail was last updated
13. Mail message view screen changed with the sender now above the subject and date sent
14. Arrows and the number of messages have changed positions in the top bar
15. Back arrow to the inbox includes the number of unread messages
16. Ring tone has changed

All of these differences and no mention of the switch from the Cingular branding to AT&T? We’ll just tack that on as number 17.