Telus Mobility of Canada Does My Faves Too

Telus Mobility of Canada Does My Faves Too


It all started with Alltel and their concept of MyCircle. And then, everyone followed suit. The trend has spilled over the 49th parallel and into Canada, because Telus has just announced a series of My Faves calling plans. Much like the recently announced My5 plans available from Rogers Wireless, the Telus My Faves plans grant you unlimited calling and text messages to five of your favorite numbers, regardless of network. I can’t say for sure, but I believe this unlimited-ness does not extend to picture and video messages.

At this time, there are three My Faves plans. The cheapest is $25 with 100 anytime minutes, 1000 evening and weekend minutes, call waiting, and conference calling. The $30 plan moves that up to 150 anytime minutes and unlimited weekends and evenings, whereas the top-of-the-line $40 plan gives you 350 anytime minutes along with unlimited evenings and weekends.

You’ve got to wonder if a lawsuit is on the way from T-Mobile, considering that they have myFaves. Telus threw in a space and a capital M… is that enough to differentiate?