Sharp WS011SH Cell Phone Is the Ultimate Paradox

Sharp WS011SH Cell Phone Is the Ultimate Paradox


Phones like this are most definitely right up my alley. I don’t like phones that look all flashy with jewels and gems encrusted everywhere. Nope, I like a simple form factor with smooth lines. The Sharp WS011SH sports a rather minimalist design, but it’s got plenty of power under that hood, including a hidden sliding QWERTY keyboard for easy text entry.

Powered by Windows Mobile 6.0 Japanese Edition (I really need to brush up on my kanji), this Sharp smartphone rocks a groovy (literally) casing, what appear to be stainless steel-like keys, and a WVGA (800×480) touchscreen display. Tech specs include a Marvell PXA 270 processor (520MHz), 256MB flash memory, 128MB ROM, microSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, mini USB, and even GPS. The one aspect that could use some work is the fact that the Sharp WS011SH only has a 1.3 megapixel camera. You gotta do at least 2 megapixels, Sharp!

Measuring 50 x 135 x 17.9mm and weighing 157 grams, this beefy yet simple smartphone boasts 420 minutes of talk time and 500 hours of standby. The plan calls for a mid-July launch in Japan with prices starting at 29,800 Yen ($245) with an appropriate contract.