Apple To Have 3 Million iPhones for Launch

Apple To Have 3 Million iPhones for Launch


When the Nintendo Wii hit the market last November, it was an absolute gong show to get your hands on one. Despite saying that they had plenty of stock ready for launch, it is still difficult today to get your hands on a motion-sensitive gaming machine. Nintendo had one million units ready for launch. By contrast, Apple reportedly will have no fewer than three million iPhones ready for launch day on June 29. That’s a heck of a lot of Jesus phones to go around, but even then, will it be enough?

This comes from “two sources” that leaked the launch deets to BusinessWeek. How much truth is actually behind this monumental figure remains to be seen. Some analysts are saying that Apple will easily sell three million iPhones in 2007, bumping that number up to 10 or 12 million for 2008. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray projects goes even further, saying that 40 million iPhones will be sold in 2009.

Is the iPhone really going to be as revolutionary as Steve Jobs claims it will be? Look at what the Cupertino crew did with the iPod… will people soon be gawking at other handsets and asking, “What kind of iPhone is that?”