Acme Laptop With Triple Color Displays

Acme Laptop With Triple Color Displays


Professional gamers and hardcore photo editors can’t live without multiple monitors. I primarily work off of just my laptop, but I have a few friends that sport dual LCD set ups in their home. That’s with a desktop. Acme has taken things to a whole new level by developing a laptop that sports not one, not two, but three full screens. Let’s just hope the video card and other processing bits can handle all of that.

The level of portability for this particular item also has to be questioned, because you are necessarily doubling the thickness of your laptop by lugging around two additional displays. This also adds significant weight. Interestingly, the two side screens are not permanent attached to the laptop itself but rather clip on when needed. At least you have that option.

No word on pricing or availability, but is this a sign of things to come?