Tiny Microphone Holds Promise for VoIP

Tiny Microphone Holds Promise for VoIP


Audio is a special concern when you’re having a conversation or watching a video or listening to tunes on your laptop, mobile phone, or other mobile device. With all the improvements in features, top-notch audio has been a bit lacking.

Seeking to address that concern a bit is Akustica, whose name suggests audio quality. The latest product from them is the AKU2103 digital-output microphone, an audio transmitter that emphasizes the micro part of its product name. It’s just 4mm in width (and height).

Akustica is perhaps better known for its system-on-a-chip releases. The AKU2103, the first digital microphone to guarantee compliance with the TIA-920 audio performance requirement for wideband transmission, is a foray into audio territory that could lead to improvements in VoIP transmissions.

We’ll have to wait a bit to experience the true expanse of the wideband frequency response, since the microphone isn’t due in anyone’s hands until the fall. We’ll look to have pricing before that time.