Nokia CK-15W Gives Drives a Bluetooth Heads Up Display

Nokia CK-15W Gives Drives a Bluetooth Heads Up Display


Realistically, if you’re going to partake in a cellular conversation, it is probably in everyone’s best interest that you pull over to the side of the road before yapping it up about Natalie’s ugly new hairdo. If you absolutely must talk on your cell phone while driving, it’s probably best that you use something like the newly leaked Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-15W.

Other Bluetooth devices might just transmit the voice to you, but Nokia’s car kit features a 2.2-inch TFT color display, offering drivers access to “the information they need for making and controlling calls via some handsome-looking menus.” Because the display is mounted on the dash, your eyes don’t have to wander quite so far off the road. Thankfully, the CK-15W can also download cell phone contact books.

No word on pricing or availability, but I’d gladly review a unit if anyone from Nokia is listening.