Confirmed: Audi RS 4 Convertible Heading to the States

Confirmed: Audi RS 4 Convertible Heading to the States


Fans of Audi’s performance line of vehicles are in for a real treat, because the German automaker has officially confirmed that the super powerful RS 4 Cabriolet will indeed be sold in the United States. For anyone in the audience is unfamiliar with Audi’s naming scheme, here’s a two-second lesson: On the base level is the A4. That’s for everyday driving. One step up is the S4, which is more performance-oriented. And then there’s the RS 4, an ultra beefy racing machine.

From what we hear, the convertible Audi RS 4 will share the same 4.2L V8 FSI engine as its sedan counterpart, propelling the roofless wonder with 420 hp at 7,800 rpm (talk about high-revving). It’s got plenty of grunt too, with 317 lbs-ft of torque being developed at 5,500 rpm. As is the norm with Audi, the RS 4 Cabriolet will only be available with a six-speed manual transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive. You’ll get sizable 19-inch alloy wheels, as well as 14.4-inch and 12.8-inch brake rotors for the front and rear, respectively.

If you want to get your hands on one of these dream machines, however, you might as well get in line now because they’re only planning a limited production of 300 RS 4 Cabriolets for the States. Look for it to drop in the fall of this year.