Wristwatch Brings You Down Easy on the Way to Sleep

Wristwatch Brings You Down Easy on the Way to Sleep


Since when does acupuncture avoid the needles? The very word has the word puncture in it, so you’d have to conclude that it involved a small piece of metal going through a couple layers of your skin. But then, we have the word acupressure, which doesn’t necessarily insinuate needles. And that is the kind of technology that’s behind the Dreamate Sleep Inducer, which looks for all the world like a wristwatch but is actually a snooze aid.

Strap the Dreamate to your wrist a half hour before you plan to go bed (assuming that you have a set time that you retire and you actually stick to that plan). Gentle acupressure from within the watch radiates out onto a set of precise pressure points on your wrist, relaxing your body naturally and getting it in the mood for sleep. Your stress is lessened and your nerves are calmed along the way.

It’s probably best to take the watch off before you climb into bed, so your body remembers to wake itself up in the morning. And unlike sleeping pills, you don’t have to keep on buying the Dreamate. One payment of US$79.99 is enough.