The $800 Titanium iPod Case

The $800 Titanium iPod Case


Ever wonder what a case for the Apple iPod nano would look like if it cost north of FOUR TIMES the MP3 player itself? Wonder no longer, because Kiwami Studios has answered the call (okay, who phoned this one in?) with the $818 solid titanium FACTRON Re-Nano iPod nano case. Those four hooks are mighty attractive, aren’t they?

Retailing in Japan for 99,750 Yen, the FACTRON case wins on one front: it’s incredibly sturdy and especially shiny. On the other hand, I can’t possibly justify the $818 price tag to myself. For that price, I can waste my money on a Nokia 8800 Sirocco or something.

You might as well construct this thing of unobtainium.