New Display Technology Could Boost Battery Life 50 Percent

New Display Technology Could Boost Battery Life 50 Percent


OK, stay with me here, because this could get a little complicated.

A company out of Cupertino (yes, home of Apple Computer) has come up with a new technology for digital displays that could increase battery life by up to 50 percent. The technology has toned the intensity of the screen’s backlight by using a special pixel architecture called PenTile. This system is a specific pattern of blue, green, red, and white pixels mixed with image-processing algorithms, with the whole thing working in concert to cut the backlight intensity.

The key for PenTile is the addition of white light. Other, more traditional displays rely on patterns made up of only blue, green, and red. Adding in the white results in brighter brights and darker darks. The fonts are easier to see and read as well.

Each pixel is individually controlled, so the white can be cranked up or toned down, depending on your backlighting needs, from traditional things like web browsers to more advanced things like high-definition video.

So what we have here is a method of producing a display and backlight that work together across the color spectrum to produce a more variable, richer, and longer-lasting viewing experience. Color us intrigued.