Hummer Makes a Smartphone, Doesn’t Guzzle Gas

Hummer Makes a Smartphone, Doesn’t Guzzle Gas


When the topic of American over-consumption comes up, the discussion inevitably turns to the gas guzzling ways of the Hummer. What about when you want a whole lot of extra grunt in your smartphone? Their trucks have a lot of torque, so you’d imagine that their smartphones would be pretty darn powerful, right?

Well, the Hummer HT1 sliding smartphone only comes with a middle of the road level of functionality, quite unlike the 4×4 behemoths of the same name. Designed by French design company Modelabs, the Hummer HT1 rocks a 2.2-inch 260k color TFT touchscreen, 2 megapixel camera, 256MB internal memory, microSD expansion, and GSM/GPRS radios. What? No EDGE? Where’s the WiFi? Where are the giant rubberized grips?

Well, at least you can get this Hummer in bold yellow, camouflage, or army-esque green, in addition to the plain Jane silver. Price is expected to be in the 300 Euro range. The Hummer “fashion phone”… whodathunkit?