Balancier World Watch Shows All Time Zones

Balancier World Watch Shows All Time Zones


Know how many time zones there are in the world? Count ’em, 39. Yup, and you can find out what time it is in every single one of those time zones by glancing at the Blancier Worldtimer 1 watch and doing a little fiddling. This includes those rather interesting time zones that are only 30 minutes behind the one to the east.

The other solidly cool thing about this watch is what’s in the case. In full color and glory for all your envious friends to see is a polar projection map of Earth, with all the landmasses and waterways represented in different colors. This projection actually moves, completing a full circular rotation every 24 hours. It’s like having a view from outside Earth’s orbit.

If that sounds like something out of Space Camp, you’ve got the right price range. See, you’ll have to pay for this innovation—a lot. We didn’t add any numbers to this figure: US$13,450. Yes, that’s the cost of this wonderfully functional wristwatch. There’s even a higher class version, with a more refined finish and strap and everything else. That one will set you back US$24,225. No typos, no kidding. Who says time isn’t money?