Keyport Stores Six Keys in Lighter-Sized Gadget

Keyport Stores Six Keys in Lighter-Sized Gadget


When I was little, the only key that I had to worry about was the one to my front door. A few years passed and then I got a key for my bike lock. Now that I’m much older, I’ve got keys to my front door, back door, girlfriend’s house, car, the club for my car… let’s just say I’ve got a lot of keys. When you’ve got a lot of keys, it can sometimes be difficult to shove them all in your pocket. That is, unless you nab the lighter-sized Keyport.

Sort of acting like a switchblade, the Keyport (you know, like a car-port for keys) lets you access any of the six keys housed inside with just a flick of a switch. Extend and retract as needed, all while keeping the rest of the package incredibly compact. Obviously, some of the bulkier car keys — like those with integrated fobs for remote door locks — won’t fit in here. On the plus side, the Keyport comes with RFID (in case you lose it, I guess) and an LED light (for finding that elusive key hole).

There’s no word on pricing or availability, because the Keyport hasn’t gotten beyond the design phase. All we’ve got are these renderings, so gawk and hope that they actually manufacture these one day.