How to Win an Apple iPhone from Insanely Great Tees

How to Win an Apple iPhone from Insanely Great Tees


I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a t-shirt junkie, so when a contest is being held by Insanely Great Tees, I can’t help but notice. And let’s not forget that the grand prize is a shiny new Apple iPhone. Now, it’s not like you just send in your name and keep your fingers crossed. The process is a touch more involving than that.

You’ll have to record a (funny) 30-second ad spot for the iPhone in which you must include the phrase “I’m an iPhone.” The rest of the commercial is left up to your creative prowess, but I think they might end up with more than a couple of entries with idiots dressed up in really ugly iPhone costumes. The selection process is based on readers voting.

The bad news is that if you’re the eventual winner, Insanely Great Tees will not ship you an iPhone. The good news is that they’ll send you a $500 gift card to the Apple Store so that you can buy one yourself, assuming that they’ll have enough stock to go around.