Sony Drags and Drops With B100 MP3 Player

Sony Drags and Drops With B100 MP3 Player


Some people have avoided getting a Sony MP3 player because of the dreaded SonicStage software that is required to transfer music to and from their portable devices. With the Sony B100 Walkman, however, you will be able to cast SonicStage aside in favor of good ol’ drag-and-drop.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but it appears that the B100 will show up via USB Mass Storage, allowing you to plunk in your musical content without having to go through that hideous SonicStage filter. what’s more, the B100 will handle MP3s, non-DRM WMAs, and possibly even AAC. They might even abandon ATRAC while they’re at it.

No word on price or availability, but Sony might actually make some headway against you-know-who with this development.