Phones to Feature Motion Recognition


    If it’s good enough for video games, it’s good enough for mobile phones. That describes the theory behind NTT DoCoMo’s latest handset initiative, a move to incorporate gesture recognition technology into a pair of mobile phones.

    The phones, in the FOMA 904i line, will sport the motion-sensing routines from GestureTek, which embeds cameras in phones to follow movements in three forms: shake, rock, and roll. Shake is for so-named movements, like rolling dice and shuffling cards. Rock is directional movement only. Roll responds to tilt motions. The combination of the three can track movements effectively, recreating the full thrill of a Wii-like experience on a mobile phone.

    DoCoMo says that when the phones come out in the next few weeks, they will feature the GestureTek technology in mobile games. The next step will come in mobile Web surfing, with motion-controlled menu scrolling feature prominently in the upgrade.