LG Concept Phone Boasts Dual Touchscreens

LG Concept Phone Boasts Dual Touchscreens


Everyone may be lusting over the Apple iPhone, but LG is hoping to do you one better by presenting a clamshell-style mobile phone with dual touchscreens! Following in the footsteps of the LG Prada phone, there is no conventional keypad to be found on this handset. Instead, a numerical “soft keyboard” appears when you need to make phone calls, a QWERTY keyboard when it’s time for text messages, and so on.

Perhaps the most fun you’ll have with the dual touchscreen LG phone is when it comes time to play some casual games, like partaking in a soccer shootout, participating in a bowling tournament, or doing something strange with some sort of cartoon rodent. Starting to sound like a Nintendo DS, huh? They also mention that this phone will have “dynamic icons” that “move around when you tap on them.”

Certainly seems innovative, but when and if this LG phone ever gets to production remains to be seen.