Hot Coffee By Fuel Cell-Powered Beverage Heater

Hot Coffee By Fuel Cell-Powered Beverage Heater


I know that it’s probably not the best for my health, but every morning, I just can’t do with my hot cup of coffee (or tea). It’s that extra boost of caffeine that kick starts my day, but if I get swamped with a little too much work, my drink gets cold and then it’s just not as enjoyable. Unfortunately, when you toss a coffee mug into the microwave, you’re really just heating the mug and not the liquid inside. Such is not the case with this Portable Beverage Heater.

Clipping to the side of your mug, the little plastic stick-thing is inserted directly into the liquid, heating it up through fuel cell technology. The “thermographic ink changes color to indicate when the beverage is hot”, so you know exactly when is the optimal time to take a sip. Thankfully, the Portable Beverage Heater seems to have a setting that keeps your coffee at just the right temperature… a “keep warm” if you will.

Too bad Seungheon Lee’s project is just a concept for the time being, but I can certainly see an item like this showing up at a trinket store at some point.