Video: Walking Through Vista SideShow on Asus W5Fe

Video: Walking Through Vista SideShow on Asus W5Fe


I was thinking of picking up a more compact laptop to use while I’m on the road, but I’m still a little hesitant to take the Vista plunge. One of the features in Vista that I do find quite appealing, however, is the Vista Sideshow. If you wondered what that little display is all about, the video embedded below should answer many of your questions.

Demonstrated on a $2200 Asus S5Fe Vista Sideshow laptop, the little external display is capable of all sorts of simple functions so that you don’t have to take your notebook out of hibernation to perform basic tasks. There’s a rudimentary version of solitaire, access to a music player, as well as the ability to check up on your email through Windows Mail, the so-called successor to Outlook. All of these are designed to conserve power, because you don’t need a full boot of Vista to get at these basis tasks. One of the downsides is that SideShow is not capable of displaying HTML email. Weird, I know.

Check out the vid below from Popular Mechanics for more insight into Vista Sideshow.