T-Mobile’s HSDPA Portable Modem Echoes Vodafone

T-Mobile’s HSDPA Portable Modem Echoes Vodafone


If you’re going to undercut your competitor, you might as well start with price point. T-Mobile has certainly done that, with its own HSDPA modem that looks suspiciously like the one being bandied about the world by Vodafone.

T-Mobile might be late to the party, but the German company certainly knows how to make an entrance. If you choose T-Mobile’s portable modem and its requisite membership plan, you’ll spend a lot less money than if you buy Vodafone’s very same product. T-Mobile’s pricing is US$61 a month for unlimited usage, a far cry from Vodafone’s US$106 for the same thing. The purchase price of the modem is lower from T-Mobile as well.

If you’re a Vodafone fan, then by all means stay loyal. If price is an object, though, you might want to look at T-Mobile. You’ll be looking at the same thing in the end.