Suzuki Makes a Splash at 2007 Shanghai Auto Show

Suzuki Makes a Splash at 2007 Shanghai Auto Show


Little cars are gaining in popularity because gas prices are soaring through the roof. I can’t go a couple of blocks without encountering a Toyota Yaris or Honda Fit. Suzuki already has several small cars in its lineup like the SX4, but the Splash concept car really takes the cake. It’s ridiculously economical with its 1.2L four-cylinder DOHC engine, four-speed automatic transmission, and toy-like appearance.

There are certain elements that I can see in common with the Nissan Versa and others with the Smart ForTwo, but overall, my impression of the Splash is that it’s pretty darn ugly. The only splash that it makes with me is the pile of vomit on the ground, but hey, that’s just my personal preference. I’m not a fan of the barely-there side mirrors and the overly-tall tail lights.

I can’t say for certain, but I suspect that a kei car like this will not make it into North America. It might do well in Japan though.