Recorder Boasts Stereo, Surround Capabilities

Recorder Boasts Stereo, Surround Capabilities


Sound recording is getting more sophisticated all the time, and this device is certainly no exception. It’s the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder, and it is equipped with three directional microphones, for a wide range of recording options. You can use the center microphone for standard mono recordings and expand to a stereo recording with the separate left and right mikes. You can even record from the front or from the back, as a WAV or an MP3.

This is a a sound recording expert’s friend, allowing recording up to Surround 5.1 and storage options limited only by your collection of SD cards. It runs on a pair of AA batteries, which can allow up to four hours or recording.

The release of the Zoom H2 is not too far away. It’s scheduled to hit the markets in June, with an expected price tag of US$200.