Microsoft Teaming Up with Samsung for ZunePhone?

Microsoft Teaming Up with Samsung for ZunePhone?


Although the Zune media player is based on the Toshiba Gigabeat S, it seems that Microsoft might be working with Samsung to create the ZunePhone. Toshiba makes cell phones too, mostly for the Japanese market, so it is an interesting turn of relationships that Billy Gates would take his business across the water into South Korea.

According to Akihabara News, Samsung and Microsoft “have exchanged patents for current and future product releases.” These patents include items like televisions and computers, but there is also mention of smaller devices like digital music players. Given the lines are really starting to blur between MP3 players and cell phones, it wouldn’t take much for Microsoft to co-develop a music-playing mobile phone with Samsung. Rumors and conjecture, I know, but it’s really starting to sound plausible.

What other interesting tidbits will emerge from this newfound relationship between Microsoft and Samsung? A mobile TV solution for Americans… in a cell phone…. via WiFi?