Videos: Electric Go Kart Goes Like Stink

Videos: Electric Go Kart Goes Like Stink


Tesla Roadster, eat your heart out.

If you’ve got that need for speed, but want to keep it off of the city streets, then this custom-built electric go-kart might be right up your alley. With a little tinkering, the electric devil may be capable of speeds as high as 178km/h (110mph). In its current state with its current (low) gearing, however, it tops out at a mere 60km/h (36mph).

In the first video, you’ll get a quick run-through some of the components that went into creating this little pocket-sized racer, and then in the second video, you’ll see them take the go-kart to an empty parking lot, tearing around the corners, and even putting in a little bit of drift for style points. Kudos.