Oh Yes, It’s an Electric Mini Cooper

Oh Yes, It’s an Electric Mini Cooper


Would you buy a hybrid Mini Cooper? More to the point, would you pay US$59,000 for one?

You’ll have the chance to act on those twin desires next year, when Hybrid Technologies rolls out the first electric Mini. Yes, the price tag is expected to be that lofty, in line with the electric Smart car, which you can have for a mere US$49,000. The Mini (despite its diminutive-sounding name) is larger than the Smart, after all.

That all-electric Mini will be able to go 160 miles before it needs a recharge, which will take just five hours. Those batteries, by the way, are lithium polymer, not lithium ion; in other words, no liquid.

You can have a petrol-powered Mini for much, much less, but it won’t be as environmentally friendly as the Hybrid Mini. You can work out for yourself how long it will take you to break even from a cost-effect analysis point of view.