Rumor: Next-gen Zune Powered by Fuel Cells?

Rumor: Next-gen Zune Powered by Fuel Cells?


You probably won’t find a fuel cell battery housed within the murky brown goodness of the next-generation Microsoft Zune, but there’s a distinct possibility of an accessory coming down the pipeline that will provide extra juice to the Zune via fuel cells. Medis Technologies of New York recently sold a bunch of their portable fuel cell re-chargers to Microsoft, though they won’t comment on how many they sold or for what purpose they may be used.

This is largely conjecture on the part of internet bloggers, but many are saying that the ugly block will get some Microsoft branding and be issued as an optional accessory for the Zune 2.0. This way, if you’re on the road and watching videos on the Zune, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice: the fuel cell re-charger can give a significant battery boost on the go, providing you with an extra couple hours of viewing pleasure.

The sale has been confirmed, but the details surrounding it are still rumors. Stay tuned.