Leaked! Sony Ericsson W970 Walkman Phone

Leaked! Sony Ericsson W970 Walkman Phone


Well, this is the last thing I need: another cell phone to tempt my credit card. What you see before you is the W970 Walkman phone from the good people at Sony Ericsson. The leaked pictures, although clearly Photoshopped, may have some truth to them.

It’s most likely a swivel/switchblade design, much like the old Sony Ericsson W900. Also like its much older brother, the W970 will probably have 512MB of internal memory so you can get started on the music listening right out of the box, although there’s got to be a Memory Stick slot some place for you to up the memory capacity. There’s no specific mention of a camera, but it’s pretty same to assume it’s gone of those too, complete with video recording.

Sony Ericsson is remaining tight-lipped about the project, so until we get some form of formal confirmation, we’ll take this report with a grain of salt.