Helio Ditches Hybrid 3G/WiFi Services

Helio Ditches Hybrid 3G/WiFi Services


While it seemed like a great idea, I guess things just didn’t work out. Helio will officially shut down its Hybrid EV-DO/Wi-Fi service as of May 8th, much to the displeasure of mobile internet users across the nation.

In case you didn’t catch it the first time around, the Helio Hybrid card plugged into your laptop and gave you web access (to sites like Mobile Magazine, of course) anywhere you went. Through the software included in the package, you laptop would automatically switch between a high-speed EV-DO connection and a Wi-Fi connection based on whichever was the cheapest.

The “blended” radio made for an easy all-in-one solution, granting you access to Boingo Hotspots for example. The downside was that Helio didn’t include all that much data in its 3G service… but now you won’t get any at all. According to the statement released by the MVNO, current users are welcome to keep the cards, but they will no longer work with their EV-DO service. All accounts will be billed on a prorated basis up until May 7th with refunds being issued to accounts which have already been charged for service beyond the 7th.