Override Your Friend’s Annoying Ringtone? Yes You Can

Override Your Friend’s Annoying Ringtone? Yes You Can


Do you see a little Big Brother in this? I do. We’re talking about Push Ringer, a new service from Emotive that lets you choose the ringtone … that other people hear when you call them.

Your buddy might have his favorite Christina Aguilera ringtone all lined up and expect to hear it when anyone (including you) give him a buzz. But you, a self-confessed Aguilera-hater can’t stand the thought of her voice announcing to your buddy that you are on the other end of the line. So what do you do? You force him to hear something else when you call.

Now, certain providers allow you to choose the music or message that certain people hear when they call you. But this is different. This is you forcing your way onto someone else’s phone.

Sounds a little like invasion of privacy to me. Your buddy might just put you on the Don’t Call list or something. Although, I suppose if he does get enough ringtone overrides, he might get the hint that nobody likes his musical tastes.

Want the Push Ringer right now? You’ll have to wait. The ink is just now dry on the funding initiative. You’ll hear more about it soon.