Fujitsu Debuts 2 More eReaders

Fujitsu Debuts 2 More eReaders


I’m not too keen on an eReader the size of an iPod, but Fujitsu has something bigger in mind: two new eReaders from one of the industry’s leaders allow reading at A5 and A4 size—which is to say paperback and hardback size. That’s welcome news despite the rather unappealing name of FLEPia.

These “portable information terminals” are super thin, just 12 millimeters in thickness. They work on the SD card framework, meaning you can mix and match your reading pleasure, carrying around a few books or a couple year’s worth of magazines, depending on your mood.

You’ll also like the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing online connections to news, web pages, and full-length manuscripts. The scroll key will come in handy, especially on those longer readings.

Colors will be silver, pink, and white. We don’t know price or availability date yet.