Share the Music with Samsung’s Portable Speaker

Share the Music with Samsung’s Portable Speaker


One of the greatest shortcomings of the average MP3 player is that it is such an individualized experience, making it difficult for you to enjoy music in a communal kind of way. The Samsung YA-DS200 mobile speaker is meant to address this issue by plugging right into your MP3 player and blasting out that Tom Jones hit song for everyone to enjoy. It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone…

Designed specifically for the slim and sexy Samsung YP-K3 digital audio player, this portable speaker almost gives the same level of functionality as the all-in-one ghetto blaster known as the Samsung YP-K5. The 800mW Samsung YA-DS200 also doubles as a “protective hull” for your DAP as well. Rounding out the package is a bonus battery.

The initial release will be limited to Korea at a price yet to be determined, though a worldwide launch is expected in the near future.