Digital Locket Camera Doubles as Viewer

Digital Locket Camera Doubles as Viewer


The name and the look and feel of this device suggest something entirely different than its purpose.

First of all, what’s up with the name? It’s called the 1881. What can that possibly tell us about what it does?

Then there’s the look and feel. It looks like a piece of jewelry fit for your ancestors or someone whose profile you might find carved into a pyramid wall.

But this is a concept, so we’ll give it a break. It’s actually a digital camera in the shape of a rather large necklace locket that not only takes pictures but also stores them. See, the 1881 has a memory reservoir, and it can store digital image files for viewing inside the locket interior’s twin LCDs. You can track through the images stored on the locket by tapping and scrolling the sides.

In the end, an interesting modern twist on a traditional device.