AG Neovo Announces V-10 Button-less Digital Photo Frame

AG Neovo Announces V-10 Button-less Digital Photo Frame


Pfft. Who prints out actual pictures and puts them in a physical frame anymore? Why bother when you can get something as simple to use as the V-10 digital photo frame from AG Neovo? It doesn’t take a design expert to tell you that minimalism is the “in” thing right now, and the V-10 certainly captures that sentiment. The contemporary finish is combined with a button-less “touchable frame” that lets you flip through the different pictures stored within. These touch sensitive controls are probably reminiscent of the LG Chocolate phone.

Speaking of photos stored within, the V-10 digital photo frame has 128MB of internal flash memory to go along with the 5-in-1 memory card slot for additional photos. Within the seven-inch frame, you’ll get a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, a crisp 400:1 contrast ratio, and a brightness rating of 220cd/m2. Other key features include a rechargeable 1800mAh lithium ion battery, a mini USB port for data transfer, and an “intelligent” slideshow mode.

The AG Neovo V-10 digital photo frame is available now through select distribution partners for £150 (inc VAT). That works out to about $300 American.