Transform Your MacBook into Dilbert

Transform Your MacBook into Dilbert


This is probably one of the more creative laptop cases out there, because it disguises what could be a hip and cool MacBook into a cubicle-worthy PC. Or maybe it’s a little too geek chic for that.

Available from Barry’s Farm for $35, the foam and vinyl case will protect the glossy goodness of the laptop inside, all while helping you get along with all your pocket protector wearing (THAT’s what’s missing from this case), spreadsheet making friends.

As one commenter pointed out on Gizmodo, they should have put a hinge on that striped tie so that we could turn it upwards a la Dilbert. Oh, Dilbert. Why did they have to pull your cartoon series off the air? At least I still get my Catbert, Dogbert, and Ratbert fix every Sunday in the funnies.