Sony Announces Impressive PSP Lineup for Q2

Sony Announces Impressive PSP Lineup for Q2


No, we’re not talking about those lineups that people experienced back in November when the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 launched. Nope, it’s just a whole smattering of new titles destined for the PlayStation Portable (PSP), a few of which seem geared towards gamers who have a need for speed.

In the racing genre, you’ll discover Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars by Sega, Ridge Racer 2 by Namco, and perhaps most notably, Test Drive Unlimited by Atari. Other key titles that’ll be launching in the second quarter of this year include Alien Syndrome (Sega), Crush (Sega), Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground (Xseed JKS), Harvest Moon Boy & Girl (Natsume), Rainbow Six Vegas (Ubisoft), and Valhalla Knights (Xseed JKS). For a nostalgic throw-back, there’s also Final Fantasy I and II from the good people at Square Enix.

When you include PS3 and PS2 titles as well, Sony lovers will have more than 100 first- and third-party games heading their way during the next few months. They say this brings “to consumers an impressively robust software line-up.” We shall see.