Seiko Creates Sexy E-Ink Watch for Women

Seiko Creates Sexy E-Ink Watch for Women


On the surface, it may look like just a fashionable bangle to wear during a night on the town, but look a little deeper and you’ll discover that this Seiko watch features an electronic ink display. Designed specifically for women, the unnamed bracelet-style watch uses “high-contrast e-ink technology” to two different ways.

While in “efficiency” mode, it displays the time so that it is easy to read. If you switch on over to “mystery” mode, however, the time isn’t quite so clear (I don’t exactly see the purpose of this other than to mask the fact that this is indeed a watch). Instead, “the panel expresses the time in a more imaginative, evocative style.”

Look for this E-ink watch, which is “encased under a 360-degree continuous sapphire crystal”, later on this year with an asking price of $2,000.