GreenHouse Hops Up SDHC to 8GB

GreenHouse Hops Up SDHC to 8GB


With the megapixel counts on digital cameras rising, and with more and more people starting to take high-resolution videos, the demand for plenty of storage in a tiny package is the greatest it has ever been. GreenHouse is trying to come to the rescue with their latest offering, an 8GB SDHC card that’ll provide plenty of space for even the most avid DSLR user. The new 8GB card features 15MBps writing and 22.5MBps reading.

The model number — GH-SDHC8G6M — is intuitive enough to break down. GH for GreenHouse, SDHC, 8G, and then 6M for the class of transfer speed. I fully expect GreenHouse to unleash even bigger cards in the future as flash memory continues to drop in price. It’s a good time to be a shutterbug.

Look for the GreenHouse 8GB SDHC in Japan next month.