Control Your Home DVR From a Cell Phone

Control Your Home DVR From a Cell Phone


Talk about being connected. While services like Slingbox allow you to watch your local television anywhere that you have a broadband internet connection, this is the first time that I’ve heard about the ability to control your DVR from afar. Well, thanks to the crew at AT&T now you can. Subscribers to the AT&T U-verse service can now schedule and manage their TV recordings from their AT&T wireless phone or handheld device (read: PDA phone).

As a result, the U-verse connection between your cell phone and your home television is no longer a one-way street. Not only can you watch TV on your phone, you can access and search TV program listings, schedule recordings, and manage stored DVR content.

This is great for people that tend to forget whether they turned off the stove, for example, because even if you’re stuck at the airport, you can still set your DVR to record that all important episode of Gilmore Girls. You’ll never miss your favorite shows again.