Video: A Flying Man For Real

Video: A Flying Man For Real


I just flew in from New York and boy are my arms tired…

Sick of the cramped confines of a commercial aircraft? Then why not partake in an individualized flight like our friend FusionMan from Switzerland. This crazy bugger, known to normal folks as Yves Rossy, has created a custom-built set of fiberglass and Kevlar wings. Yes, wings.

The 50-something former military and commercial pilot has been around the block (or rather circled around it from above) so he probably knows what he’s doing. It took him seven years to develop this winged flight system, which gets its propulsion from Jetcat engines. He’s not gliding people, he’s actually flying.

This ain’t a lazy Sunday stroll either, as FusionMan — equipped with his unique fiberglass and Kevlar wings — can soar through the skies at speeds as high as 120mph.