Super Sky Cycle: A Genuine, Registered Flying Motorcycle

Super Sky Cycle: A Genuine, Registered Flying Motorcycle


Maybe you’re a little nervous about strapping a pair of fiberglass and Kevlar wings on your back and taking to the skies. What if I told you that there not only was a flying motorcycle out there, but that it was also road-registered and ready for purchase by Joe Public? This is exactly the case withe Super Sky Cycle, developed by Larry Neal of The Butterfly LLC.

Unlike other hobby aircraft, the Super Sky Cycle comes with a foldable rotor system that would allow you to effectively shrink down the large rotors spinning around on top of your head. This eliminates the problem of finding a suitable parking spot. This flying motorcycle also has a transmission that “can be switched between driving the rear rotor of the plane and driving the rear wheels.”

Neal claims that you can read speeds as high as 55mph on the road and “more than 100mph in the air with the standard engine, using standard pump gasoline.” One small hiccup is that you have to piece together the US$37,195 airborne bike on your own. It comes as a kit. Videos of the Super Sky Cycle can be found here.