2008 Honda Accord Coupe Spied in the Wild

2008 Honda Accord Coupe Spied in the Wild


We saw the initial renderings. We got updates on the concepts. And then we finally received an official unveiling, but even then, that was still the concept vehicle. Where’s the one that will appear in the showrooms? That question has now been answered.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you what appears to be the production version of the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe in all its real-life glory, as captured by a digital SLR. Because of the copyrights on these spy pics, I cannot post them directly on Mobile Magazine, but if you take a quick hop over through the Read link below, you’ll find a handful of real world snapshots.

For the most part, the new Honda Accord is undisguised, other than some mischievous white tape covering up portions of the headlights and tail lights. Honda has not yet announced when the new Accord will be available for sale, but if this is any indication, it may be sooner rather than later.