Toshiba Embraces 802.11n in New Notebooks

Toshiba Embraces 802.11n in New Notebooks


That little N after the 802.11 got a big boost with the announcement from Toshiba of a suite of six new notebooks sporting Intel’s Kedron wireless chipset. That 802.11n is still in the draft phase, but that hasn’t stopped some manufacturers—most notably Dell—from assuming that it will be approved and acting on that theory to create products that should soon be in demand.

The Kedron suite of A205s and P205s have Core 2 Duo processors and offer a range of memory options, up to 280GB. That, of course, is the high-end S4639, which features two hard drives, of 120GB and 160GB, and will set you back US$1,550. Actually, the whole ROM approach is getting laughable these days, with the so-called entry-level model granting you 160GB of space. That’s enough to store the entire James Bond series, a few seasons of your favorite TV show, and about 10,000 or so MP3s.

The LCD size runs from 15.4 to 17 inches. Most models feature DVD burners, which are fast becoming standard. And one of the 17-inch models sells for a flat US$1,000.