Magnetic Clothes Hangers Revolutionize Closets (Video)

Magnetic Clothes Hangers Revolutionize Closets (Video)


For the most part, closets have remained pretty much the same for years. You’ve got a horizontal bar of some kind where you place a series of hangers. These hangers are all functionally identical as well, with some sort of horizontal section with a hook on top. Daniel To aims to change that.

This new magnetic clothes hanger system is pretty revolutionary, because it allows for a lot more freedom in placement, helping you maximize your closet space like never before.

Each clothes hanger does not have a hook at the top. Instead, they each have a fairly strong magnet that you use to attach to the sheet of metal on the ceiling (or protruding from the wall). These hangers will have no trouble holding up t-shirts, but it’ll be interesting to see if the magnet is powerful enough to hold up jeans, suits, or even winter coats. I do enjoy the “full freedom of arrangement and display” though. It’s contemporary minimalism at its best.

Check out the video demo below.