Fly Away with the QWERTY-fied Tango Wings UMPC

Fly Away with the QWERTY-fied Tango Wings UMPC


The details are pretty slim, but if you want to get your hands on a UMPC and absolutely must have a full QWERTY keyboard, then this number just might be right up your alley. Apparently dubbed the TANGO Wings by Sungiu, this UMPC appears to have a standard 7-inch color display as well as quick access keys along the piano black frame, though it is somewhat interesting to find the directional pad mounted to the left of the screen rather than to the right.

You can only assume that the display is a touchscreen, but when it comes time to do some text input — like writing an article for a tech news blog — then the slide-out QWERTY keyboard comes into play, separated in the middle for ease of thumb access. As you can see the Windows button on the keyboard, we can safely conclude that this sucker is powered by Microsoft.

The actual tech specs of the innards remains a mystery, as does the thought process behind naming a UMPC the “Tango Wings.”