AK-47 Phone: All Talk, No Shrapnel

AK-47 Phone: All Talk, No Shrapnel


Don’t look too hard for the point to this item. It’s probably just to be able to recite the product title and see how blown away your friends are. This is the Walkie Talkie AK-47 phone, from Brando. In the Henry Ford tradition, it comes in just one color, army-issue green. It plays music and games and takes pictures and does all sorts of other tricks you’d expect from a garden-variety mobile phone these days. Flip phone, though? Not hardly.

The phone is a GSM special and works on 900 and 800MHz frequencies—which isn’t a whole lot, really. You do get WAP, GPRS, and MMS, however, in addition to your standard issue SMS. It also has an ebook reader.

An antenna completes the walkie talkie look. The price is a rather steep US$225.