Volkswagen Re-Sparks Interest in 200+ MPG Car

Volkswagen Re-Sparks Interest in 200+ MPG Car


While it may have the appearance of an anal probe, Volkswagen has once again expressed interest in developing the ultra-efficient “1-Liter Car”, a vehicle reportedly capable of going 222 miles on the gallon. Originally introduced five years ago, the 1-liter car may be much more viable under today’s conditions compared to when it was first revealed. Earlier calculations had the raw components costing $47,400, whereas more recent estimates have it closer to $6,775.

The super-efficient car is very small, of course, with room for only a single passenger. Also, the concept is powered by a 299cc one-cylinder engine (I’m not sure how it’s the 1-liter car if the engine is only 299cc) capable of producing a mere 8.5 horsepower. Yeah, it’s slow, but it’s also about as environmentally friendly as it gets with a regular internal combustion engine.

It’ll be interesting to see what the new version of the 1-Liter car will look like, both in terms of outward appearance and in terms of actual performance. Smart car competitor, anyone?