Test Drive: 2008 Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor Evoluzione

Test Drive: 2008 Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor Evoluzione


As if the regular Ferrari F430 supercar weren’t enough to get me well north of my jealousy threshold, Novitec has taken the Italian stallion, tinkered with it, and produced the Bi-Compressor Evoluzione version.

Whereas before, the Ferrari F430 was just fast, now it’s really, really fast, thanks to a twin-supercharged engine that develops a heart-stopping 655 horsepower. Other niceties that separate this custom F430 from the three other ones you’ll see scurrying around on public roads is that it comes with a separated oil circuit, heat insulated induction tract, water-cooled intercoolers, upgraded fuel injectors, and reinforced drive belts with dynamic tensioners. But really, the only word that matters in that whole paragraph is “fast.”

Don’t both asking how much it costs. Let’s just say it costs more than the “epic” and “brilliant” F430.