SanDisk and Sony Co-Develop SxS Memory Cards for Camcorders

SanDisk and Sony Co-Develop SxS Memory Cards for Camcorders


Based on the ExpressCard industry standard, the SxS (S-by-S) memory card specification is set to be co-developed by SanDisk and Sony (hence the double-S namesake) and will be used for high-end digital camcorders to quickly and efficiently record high-quality video. Leveraging the technology strengths of both companies, the SxS memory card will make use of flash memory to ensure instant access and speedy access rates.

We’ve seen manufacturers shove flash memory into PC cards before, but SxS memory cards “are the first native PCI Express solid-state storage media”, and as such, you get to enjoy a maximum data transfer speed of 2.5 gigabits per second (with an average target of 800mbps). This is twice as fast as PC cards, which is great for recording high-definition video, for example.

The plan is to adopt the SxS spec in Sony’s upcoming XDCAM EX series of professional camcorders. As evidenced by the provided picture, these new cards will be available with at least 16 gigs under the hood.